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The freedom to belong to our communities

A fundamental principle of any brand is that it belongs to Link’s customers and communities. This is particularly true of the Link brand which stretches across South Africa and serves communities which each having their own dynamics and needs.


While some brand principles such as our corporate identity and values are non-negotiable, Link stores have the freedom to offer their customers services and products which best meet the needs of their communities. While  the owner managers have SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) with UPD, which manages the Link license, the desire to run their own businesses and the freedom to serve their communities in the way that they know best sets them apart as independent community pharmacies.


Another aspect of a brand is being very clear on what one stands for because one can seldom mean all things to all people. Link stands for ‘Good Health’. This means that you might not find an array of beauty products in all our stores, but you will find a pharmacy owner and pharmacists who are passionate about the well-being of their customers. The pharmacy owner has served generations of customers, knows their names and is available to talk to.

Link might not tick all the boxes of a classic corporate brand but when it comes to understanding the needs of the communities which the brand serves, Link stands out as a brand which ‘belongs’ to its customers.

Janine Openshaw


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