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The first line of defence

Marius Meyer, Link pharmacy owner of Midvaal Pharmacy explains:

  • The pharmacist is the first professional (the first line of defence) in pharmacology to prevent mistakes which could result in medication being less effective, or even costing a patient their life.
  • Pharmacists make sure that there is a match between the prescription and the patient. The pharmacist is also checking the potential for any negative drug interactions with other medication that the patient is taking. This is a comprehensive validation process.
  • Where the pharmacist spots a possible error, they will contact the prescribing doctor for clarity.
  • Next is the labelling of the package. It must be done precisely, with no room for misinterpretation by the patient.
  • The pharmacist will also ensure that the patient understands how to take the medication, encouraging them to report any side effects.

“There is a specific process to follow to ensure that the medication prescribed has the best chance of success and  importantly, that the patient’s well-being or even life is not put at risk. Dispensing medication is an everyday function  but as seasoned professionals, we understand our duty of care to the patient and the prescribing doctor. We know that good health lies in attention to detail”.


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