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An article by Dr Ruchi Sinha, PhD, published in the Harvard Business Review, indicated that stress manifests differently in men than women, and the way that men cope with stress also differs. Men tend to worry about self stigma and social stigma which means that they hide their emotions and do not talk about their anxiety, low mood  and stress levels.

Conditions such as anxiety or depression are diseases like any other and can be treated.

How can your Link pharmacist help you?

One of Link’s most enduring traits is that our pharmacists know their customers well and are always accessible, approachable and professional. As part of a circle of care, a Link pharmacy plays a pivotal role in the wellbeing of its customers and the wider community that we serve.

Should your doctor prescribe medication to treat anxiety and depression, the pharmacist continues to play a role by:

  • Ensuring that you receive the correct medication prescribed.
  • Checking for interactions with other medication that you are taking.
  • Pointing out possible side effects.
  • Making sure that you understand when and how to take the medication and stressing the importance of adhering to the treatment regime.

If the medication does not make an immediate difference, never adjust the medication yourself but talk to your doctor.

Suffering from depression or anxiety is not a sign of weakness and there should be no mental stigma attached to the condition. In fact, being able to talk openly about your feelings doesn’t show weakness but is a sign of inner strength.


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