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Good Health Articles

Link publishes articles on social media and our website every month, helping to inform and educate customers and consumers on important health matters.


Flu vaccination awareness

Dispelling 5 myths about the Flu Vaccine

The WHO (World Health Organisations) debunks myths about the flu vaccine one by one. Should…
29 April 2024
Health Awareness Month

Planning a good health strategy

We all tend to spend a lot of time designing business strategies, planning our careers,…
28 March 2024
TB Awareness Month

Anyone can get TB (Tuberculosis)

According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) anyone can be infected with…
1 March 2024
Health Awareness Month

Basic health checks

Three simple, non-invasive and quick tests will take 10 minutes of 2024’s 557 040 minutes…
1 February 2024
Health Awareness Month

What happens once you quit smoking?

If you've made a resolution to quit smoking and you're struggling, we urge you to…
1 February 2024
Health tips

24 health tips for ’24

If good health forms part of your new year’s resolutions, here are some tips suggested…
22 December 2023
Sun care awareness

It’s holiday time but it’s business as usual for the sun!

According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), most skin cancers are caused…
1 December 2023
Diabetes awareness

Diabetes and children

While diabetes is generally associated with adults, there's a growing Type 2 Diabetes problem among…
1 November 2023
Diabetes awareness

You can have Diabetes without knowing it.

We observe World Diabetes Day but encourage our Link customers to be aware of diabetes…
1 November 2023

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