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Become a Link Pharmacy

Independence with big brand benefits.

There are a number of compelling reasons why pharmacy owners choose to fly the Link flag of 'good health':


A well-established brand synonymous with ‘good health’ for decades. With a strong presence on social media platforms, the brand reaches millions of South Africans from diverse cultures and attracts new friends every day.


In a world of conformity, Link embraces the independent spirit of pharmacy owners. Our brand has guidelines and the Link license naturally comes with terms and conditions, but the emphasis is on embracing your spirit of independence.


Link pharmacies are spread throughout South Africa and can be found in cities, towns, suburbs and rural areas, representing the diversity of our nation and enabling representation in regions where the pharmacy owner identifies opportunities.


Link offers pharmacy owners access to quality uniforms which sets pharmacy staff apart as an extension of the brand. In addition, professional training for front office employees promotes staff motivation, customer retention and increased sales.


Link store owners are supported by a responsive top brand and design agency which has over ten years of experience in the pharmacy space. Link’s digital marketing platform reaches millions of customers throughout South Africa, providing cost-effective but powerful reach. A full suite of regulatory-approved posts are available for each Link pharmacy to use on their own social media platforms. In addition to having access to a brand strategist, graphic designers, copywriters and social media experts, Link offers a fully supported state –of-the-art digital marketing platform which allows each pharmacy owner to determine their own product promotions, campaigns and reward programmes to their customers.


Link offers an extensive Super Saver promotion every month and has an extensive own brand range available. Own brand products and product promotions are always sought after by consumers and even more so in these harsh economic times.

Category management

We all know the value of a well-considered store layout and organisation of products on pharmacy shelves and UPD offers this service to help pharmacy owners to resonate with customers and make their visits user-friendly and importantly, increase sales for pharmacies.

Clinic services

For pharmacy owners wanting to offer professional clinic services, Link offers an association with one of South Africa’s top healthcare service providers, providing services tailored to the varied needs of communities.

Medical aid advisory

Medical aid terms and conditions are complex. Aggravated by rising costs, this situation often causes customers to deplete their savings early in the year. Link offers a professional and independent private medical aid advisory and management service by South Africa’s leading independent fund advisory company. There are no costs to the customer and no effort required from the pharmacist.

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