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If good health forms part of your new year’s resolutions, here are some tips suggested by Healthline. How many will you tick off in 2024?

1. Limit sugary drinks
It may be tasty and refreshing, but sugary drinks such as sodas, fruit juices, and sweetened teas are a primary source of added sugar in a diet. Sugary drinks can increase your risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes (talk to your Link pharmacist about a sugar level screening).

2. Avoid ultra-processed foods
Foods which are modified from their original form often contain ingredients such as added sugar, highly refined oil, salt, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colours, and flavours.

Examples of ultra-processed foods include snack cakes, fast food, frozen meals, packaged biscuits, and chips.

A high intake of ultra-processed foods can lead to obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases.

3. Eat fatty fish
Fish is a great source of high-quality protein and can lower the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease, dementia, and inflammatory bowel disease.

4. Coffee is good, in moderation
Excessive intake of coffee can cause insomnia and heart palpitations but used in moderation, coffee has some health benefits.

5. Get enough sleep
Poor sleep can drive insulin resistance, disrupt your appetite hormones, and reduce your physical and mental performance.

Happy dreams in 2024!

6. Get good bacteria into your gut
The bacterium in your gut is a very important part of your health. Ways to improve gut health include eating fermented foods such as yoghurt and sauerkraut, taking probiotics and consuming plenty of fibre. (Talk to your Link pharmacist about probiotics).

7. Stay hydrated
An often-overlooked part of health, drinking enough water helps your body to function at an optimal level.

8. Avoid heavily charred meats
Meat is high in protein and a rich source of nutrients, but charring your meat can create harmful compounds which increase the risk of certain cancers.

9. Eat fruit and vegetables
These foods are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and can lower your risk of heart disease, obesity, and other illnesses.

10. Get enough protein
Eating enough protein is vital for optimal health as it provides the raw materials needed to create new cells and tissues.

11. Keep active
Exercise should be high on the agenda for a healthier 2024.

12. Quit smoking or drugs
Both can seriously impact your well-being, but it’s not always easy to quit. If you want to quit and need help, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

13. Add extra virgin olive oil
Olive oil is one of the healthiest vegetable oils available. It’s also a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

14. Limit refined carbs
Refined carbs are highly processed to remove their fibre, and relatively low in nutrients. Overuse of refined carbs (e.g. processed corn, white flour, and products with added sugars) may be linked to overeating, weight gain, and chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.

15. Liberal use of herbs and spices
Apart from adding flavour, spices such as ginger and turmeric can have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects which may improve your overall health.

16. Lose excess belly fat
Excessive abdominal fat is linked to an increased risk of cardiometabolic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. Your waist size can be a strong indication of your health (talk to your Link pharmacist about a BMI screening).

17. Avoid restrictive diets
Diets are seldom effective because overly restrictive diets can lower your metabolic rate, or limit the amount of calories you burn. Rather change to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

18. Take Vitamin D
Maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels can strengthen your immune system, lower your risk of cancer, improve bone strength, and reduce symptoms of depression, among others. If your levels are low, Vitamin D supplementation can correct your levels (talk to your Link pharmacist).

19. Eat nuts and seeds
Nuts are high in fat but incredibly nutritious and packed with protein, fibre, and several vitamins and minerals.

20. Avoid bright lights before sleep
Being exposed to bright lights before going to bed can disrupt your production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Avoid digital screens for 30 – 120 minutes before going to bed.

21. Eat whole eggs
Eggs are a great source of protein and nutrients.

22. Avoid artificial trans fats
Artificial trans fats are harmful and linked to inflammation and heart disease. Check the food label before buying.

23. Nurture social relationships
Healthy relationships with friends, family, and loved ones are important for your mental health and general well-being. Nurture and treasure these relationships.

24. Drink in moderation
If you’re struggling with alcohol abuse, talk to your doctor about getting professional health, guidance, and support.

Importantly, drinking and driving can pose a serious threat to you and others on the road.

Which of these 24 health tips will you be carrying over from 2023? And which will you be introducing in 2024? Your Link pharmacist is there to talk to and help you to make 2024 a ‘good health’ year.


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